EMARO+ Programme

1. Who can apply for the EMARO+ Programme?

Students from all countries can apply for the EMARO+ programme provided that they fullfil the academic and language requirements listed here.

2. Are there tuition fees for students who participate in the EMARO+ Programme?

Yes. You can check the amount of fees by clicking here.

3. Can I complete the whole programme at one university or do I have to go to another university ?

Students must spend the first year in one institution and the second year in another institution. This mobility within the programme is mandatory.

4. How is the mobility scheme (first and second institutions) assigned?

The mobility preference of students with consortium scholarships will be taken into account but we cannot guarantee their first choice.
Students without a scholarship will normally obtain their first choice.

Published on October 18, 2017 Updated on December 18, 2017